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What many legal professionals won’t tell you is that sometimes the easiest, swiftest, and most affordable way to resolve a legal dispute is to avoid court. Once a case ends up in court, the client has a lot less control over the outcome. A well-written demand letter can often get you the results you seek without involving the court, saving you energy, time, and money.



Research Services

  • If you find yourself in a situation that may have a legal component to it but are unsure what the relevant law is or what your legal rights or obligations are, our attorney can research the law for you and explain it in layman's terms! Additionally, as legal documents can often be perplexing, we can review and interpret contracts, titles, court forms and various types of documents to ensure you have a clear understanding of their contents.

Writing Services

  • Letters: Maybe you received a legal document/letter and are unsure how to respond or proceed. Perhaps there is an issue you tried to resolve with a person or business but they won't respond or take you seriously. Sometimes it takes a legal advocate to motivate the other party to move towards resolution. We find demand letters to be powerful as a first line of defense that often opens negotiations or initiates an agreement, eliminating the need for a complicated and costly court battle. Additionally, in some cases, courts will require an individual to attempt to work out their issue with another party before bringing it to court. In that case, the letters we write satisfy that requirement. 

  • Document Preparation: Court forms can be confusing and creating legal documents can be tedious and difficult to attempt. As we are fluent in “legalese,” we can prepare your court forms for you or create legal documents, depending on your needs.