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  • Divorce Mediation: Mediation works best for couples who wish to work together but have one or more issues they can’t seem to agree on. Not only does the attorney help guide the conversation to reach equitable solutions but we can also prepare and file the necessary paperwork to record your agreements and finalize your divorce. Couples willing to go this route can save significant amounts of time and money while also preserving their relationship for any future interactions.

  • Traditional Divorce: Our divorce services work best when you cannot agree with your spouse on how best to handle your divorce and/or the whole process feels intimidating. The attorney will learn what your objectives are, give you honest feedback, and be your step-by-step guide through the divorce process to help you from feeling overwhelmed. You can worry about your well-being while we worry about document preparation, court filings, deadlines, communicating with the opposing party/counsel, and your case strategy. If there is a more complex issue regarding your assets, we will collaborate with financial professionals who specialize in valuation and division. We won’t make promises we can’t keep, predict outcomes, fail to keep you informed, or make decisions without your input! Most importantly, we will remain in routine communication with you about your case. 

  • Post-Judgment/Custody Matters: If you have a change of circumstances after divorce or you are dealing with custody issues, you might need an attorney to help you initiate or modify child/spousal support orders, child custody orders, or even parts of a marital settlement agreement.

  • Legal Name Changes: If you need to legally change your name for any reason (marriage, divorce, change of circumstance, etc.), we can help. A more common issue recently is if you are applying for a DMV issued Real ID but have a name discrepancy on any of your legal forms of ID. In this case, a legal name change may be required. 

  • Adoptions: If you are a hopeful parent that wants to adopt a minor or an adult but don’t know the legal requirements or steps to make it happen, we can help. If we can assist you in welcoming a new family member, it’s a privilege we find great joy in!

  • Guardianship (of the person): If a parent or caregiver is unable to properly care for a child or incapacitated adult for whatever reason, the courts grant guardianship rights and responsibilities to an appropriate/capable party. The court oversees the guardianship until the parent or original caregiver can resume their duties. We can help you apply for guardianship of the person and walk you through the process.