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PANDEMIC POLICY DISCRIMINATION ASSISTANCE: In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic policies, many people were/are forced to decide between their personal freedom of religious and medical choice and their careers, livelihoods, education, their ability to receive services, and/or freely participate in society. This type of coercion, harassment, segregation and discrimination by employers/businesses, schools, healthcare, and agencies in the name of health & safety is unconstitutional and violates several federal and state laws. Although much of what is happening surrounding these mandates is novel, the law is on your side. Case precedent is now being set around the country in favor of those whose rights were violated.

  • Our office can assist individuals and groups who've suffered discrimination.

  • We have partnered with highly skilled attorneys throughout California who assist with group employment issues (frontline workers, hospitality workers, firefighters, police, students, airline staff, etc.).

  • If you've suffered a health injury after being coerced into receiving an inoculation due to pandemic policy, we can refer you to our partner attorneys that specialize in that. 

  • You are NOT alone!

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