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Founder of Signified Law

Melanie was on a different life and career path when fate stepped in and the legal profession found her. After overcoming her own legal challenges, largely due to an attorney's advocacy, Melanie felt called to become a lawyer herself. Her experience as a client gives her an insightful perspective on what clients face while her education provides an understanding of the legal attributes of each case. Having genuine empathy, a knack for research and writing, and a tenacious spirit, Melanie aims to advocate for and empower each client by helping them navigate their case and move beyond adversity.

Over the years, Melanie grew disheartened as she observed others' disappointment in their legal matters. Between wanting to offer people an improved legal experience and knowing that Big Law was not her path, Melanie was motivated to open a client-friendly law practice built on integrity, compassion, and accessibility. As a result, Signified Law was born.

Melanie operates with a level-headed, balanced approach on delicate issues as she recognizes the emotional and financial cost to the client tends to be greater the longer a case drags out in court. When appropriate, Melanie offers alternative solutions such as mediation and/or negotiation with the goal of settling matters more favorably and expeditiously out of court. Regardless of the strategy, her sole purpose is to lighten the client's load and protect their interests. 

With a very strong passion for civil rights, Melanie has teamed up with a network of phenomenal California attorneys to combine efforts in the fight to sustain our constitutional rights in the wake of the pandemic.

While obtaining her Juris Doctorate degree, Melanie became a certified mediator and subsequently co-created a divorce mediation program at the Mandel Gisnet Center for Conflict Management in Monterey County. As a mediator, Melanie found it rewarding facilitating others as they created their own fair solutions. She also interned for a child advocacy law firm, attending family court where she worked alongside judges, social workers, addiction counselors, and child advocacy attorneys in the pursuit of reunifying separated families. 

Melanie is a member of the California Lawyers Association. She is also a published author, writing for the organization A Voice For Choice Advocacy. 


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When Melanie isn't working, she spends quality time with her family and close friends. She loves laughing almost as much as she enjoys making others laugh. Melanie's pastimes include singing, songwriting, long walks, and cooking. She is especially fascinated in learning about the powerful mind-body connection and is grateful on a daily basis for having a faith that grounds her.

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